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100 x Spring

3rd of May – 8th of June 2014

Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the opening of the 100 year anniversary exhibition 100 x Spring with the artist’s association Den Frie Udstilling. In 2014 it is 100 years since Den Frie moved to its current location at Østerport. To mark the occasion, the artists will show new works that in different ways reflect on the building as an object, and point to its history and its future.

The anniversary year is a significant moment in time at Den Frie. We celebrate the unique and beautiful wooden building drawn by famous artist J.F. Willumsen as well as the beginning of a new and exciting phase in the history of the house. The extension on the back of the house from 1953 has been torn down to bring the building back to the original vision of Willumsen and a whole new level below the building is currently under construction. The new lower floor will open in the fall of 2014 and will include a new exhibition space, an education room, a reading area and a café.

The building itself as both a piece of architecture and a work of art – a gesamtkunstwerk – will be the focus of the exhibition, and the works will point to its history and the history of the association. Den Frie’s artists will integrate the building either literally by for instance recycling materials from the now demolished extension or in a more conceptual manner. The 49 artists of Den Frie Udstilling – including nine artists, who have only been part of the association for 18 months – represent different artistic backgrounds and generations in the exhibition. 100 x Spring is therefore an opportunity to experience both a broad representation of what the Danish art scene has to offer and a number of different artistic approaches to and perspectives on a unique piece of architecture.

The building itself will also be modified to reflect the exhibition space as it was in the past, where guests wore rush shoes and walked on a floor covered in sand in rooms with bright red and yellow walls. Although 100 x Spring is not an architectural exhibition as such, it will – like the rest of the exhibitions at Den Frie in 2014 – focus on the intersection between architecture and art.

This year we are thrilled to announce, that the two renowned international artists Ai Weiwei (CN) and Rosemarie Trockel (DE) as well as the three Danish artists Claus Carstensen, Yvette Brackman and Morten Søkilde will take part in the exhibition.


Friday the 2nd of May
From 5 – 8 pm